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Diamonds are a girl's best friend!


Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Choosing a diamond is always an exciting and often yet quite emotional event. Here at Judith Hart Jewellers we have valued staff members who have extensive knowledge and passion about diamonds. We are more than willing to help you find the diamond that is perfect for you.

When choosing a diamond, there are 4 C's.These are the Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity of a diamond.

Colour- The colour of a diamond is defined by a grading system. We stock a wide range of diamonds from a beautiful D colour diamond to the other end of the scale. D is a perfectly clear diamond and is by far the most popular and the rarest to come across, therefore they are the highest quality diamond you can find in regards to their colour. GIA is our most commonly used grading system. 

Carat - A carat refers to a unit of weight by which a diamond is measured. The carat weight of a diamond will determine the value but size is not always best! Larger diamonds are harder to come across so this is why they are seen to be more valuable than smaller diamonds.

Cut - The most popular cuts for a diamond are brilliant, princess, marquise, oval and pear shaped. There are so many different diamond shapes to choose from, this is what can make choosing the perfect diamond so personal to yourself.

Clarity- All diamonds have internal and external characteristics. It is rarer to find a diamond which has little inclusions or blemishes so the value of these is higher than the ones with inclusions.

We have a large selection of D colour diamonds in store which are available for you to see and try on, which are very rare. Here at Judith Hart Jewellers we are confident that our team can help you find the perfect diamond. Please don't hesitate to come in and visit us at the Intu Centre, Derby to view our stunning collection of diamonds, we look forward to seeing you soon.