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Five Top Tips On How To Clean Your Jewellery


Five Top Tips On How To Clean Your Jewellery

Top tips on how to clean your jewellery and keep it in the best possible condition:

- Always take jewellery off before showering, if soapy water gets trapped within the jewellery it can cause tarnishing and cause any plating on the jewellery to come off.

- Take jewellery off before swimming , whether it is in chlorine or salty water always take your jewellery off before hand; if it comes into contact with either it can cause the metal to become dull and tarnish quicker.

- Apply your perfume, lotions, moisturisers or tanning lotions before you put on your jewellery! Always wait for them to dry so that the jewellery does not come into contact and become dull.

- Never sleep in jewellery as it can cause it to snap, kink or be damaged easily. This is caused due to your movements in your sleep which could trap the jewellery.

- The best way to clean your jewellery yourself is to use warm soapy water and a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush in the water and gently brush over the jewellery to remove all dirt. Once you have finished this make sure the items are completely dry and then go over them with a polishing cloth to make the metal shine and to prevent tarnishing.  We sell polishing cloths in store with prices starting at £7.99.

If you have any other enquires about how to clean your jewellery or would like to purchase some cleaning products, do pop into store as we will be happy to help.