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How to clean and look after your jewellery!


How to clean and look after your jewellery!

How to clean your jewellery and keep it in the best possible condition
Wearing jewellery in water can damage your jewellery, especially salt water. Take off before showering and swimming.

Perfumes, lotions, moisturisers and tanning lotions can stain enamel on jewellery or make your jewellery become dull. Put these on before putting your jewellery on and ensure this is dry as it can come into contact.

Sleeping in jewellery can cause it to kink, snap and damage easily – this is because the movement which you do in your sleep can twist or trap your jewellery. Always take jewellery off before sleeping.

Hairsprays and other hair products can stain and damage earrings. Always cover your ears or remove earrings when spraying and using these products.

When doing household work or domestic duties, take off all jewellery. This is because the chemicals from cleaning products can harm jewellery and it can become irreparable.

When doing heavy duty jobs, take off all jewellery as it can scratch, loosen stones or damage very easily.

Do not use sharp objects such as pins to remove dirt off gemstones in settings, this can scratch the stone

When jewellery is not being worn, store it in a jewellery box or tarnish resistant pouch – this will stop the jewellery from tarnishing and keep it looking its best

We have a cleaning service in store at a charge of £5.00 per item, or if the jewellery has been purchased from ourselves then this would be free of charge. We can also send jewellery off for professional polishes if need be and we would quote on the day for this.

If you want to clean your jewellery at home then use hot soapy water with a toothbrush and gently brush the item to remove any dirt. Once the item is clean then rub up with a jewellery cloth to prevent tarnishing and to make the metals shine– these we also sell in store.

Do not put any jewellery in a dip solution such as silver dip unless you have been told by a professional it is safe to do so. This is because certain jewellery can have oxidisation which would be stripped. If gemstones are dipped then can sometimes damage or loosen them.